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Your Local Recycling Experts

C.M.T. s.r.o. has been founded early in 2016, and has set a goal to save our environment and get rid of waste. Earth's resources are continuously diminishing due to the perpetual use of aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, and lead. With recycling, we can save a considerable amount of energy. 

The main activity of our company is the collection of waste from non-ferrous metals, collected by metal traders and generated during the operation of various industrial companies, or preparation of these metals according to requirements of different receiving facilities. Receiving of the waste is carried out in our modern facility which meets the regulations for the protection of the environment set out by the European Union. The transport of material to our facility is possible by means of our partners, or by our own multi-lift trucks carrying our own transport and collection containers. Our process begins with our digital weighing system, with unloading individual types of materials with the help of our professional team, that has years of experience in this field. For moving or preparation of materials, we have high-quality, and powerful machines available that make work easier and faster.

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Our Services


Collecting, handling, and utilizing pure ferrous or non-ferrous metal alloys, and materials containing metals.

Receiving and purchasing superfluous, unnecessary metal waste, metal-containing waste

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Selective sorting of collected ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal (according to the metal content)

Services related to the handling of other metals, non-ferrous metals:

Material checks, per order measurements, chipping and fragmentation of scrap metal, scrap metal dismantling

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Receiving scrap metal with non-batch dimensions

Per order measuring, per order cutting

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Waste transport, storage, and container rental

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Contact Information


Hours of preparation:
Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 17:00

Receiving of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap:
Monday - Friday: from 07.00 to 15.00


Mailing address:

C.M.T. s.r.o., SK-831 06 Bratislava - metská čast' Rača, Karpatské námastie 10A

Business Manager:

Zorán Tóth





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